Kingpin University to Resume In-Person Training April 24

Participating students will learn advanced laser techniques at new Las Vegas facility

LAS VEGAS – March 11, 2021 (MEDIAWIRE) – Kingpin University announced it will resume in-person training with an Advanced Laser course, to be held April 24-26 at its new retail and training facility at 1610 Raiders Way in Las Vegas. A maximum of 12 attendees will be required to follow mandated protocols and the learning environment will be augmented and equipped to ensure a safe learning experience. The three-day course marks the grand opening of the new Kingpin University training facility as well as the first in-person training course since classes were paused in March 2020 due to COVID-19.

“Of course, our first priority is to keep everyone safe,” said Jason Kranitz, president and lead instructor for Kingpin University. “We will adhere to the safety protocols that are laid out by our city, county and state, as well as some common-sense practices. All participants will be required to mask up, wash hands frequently and observe social distancing. Workstations will be wiped down before and after every use. We want everyone to leave with new knowledge but with the same good health.”

The Advanced Laser course is intended for intermediate- to advanced-level professionals who have experience using a laser cutter or CNC and want to improve their skill and creativity. Over three days, students will gain additional familiarity with CAD (Computer-Assisted Drawing) software, learning to convert ideas into machine-compliant drawings. Hands-on measuring and assembly will improve manual skill alongside software knowledge. The class project will be a take-home display that professionals can use to showcase their store’s capabilities to customers. In addition, the course will instruct attendees on how to bill profitably for laser and CNC labor and materials. Tuition for the in-person course is $999.

“We want everyone to leave with new knowledge but with the same good health.”

jason kranitz, kingpin university

Those who are less experienced are invited to take a live online course as a prerequisite to the in-person course. Entitled “Step One: The Drawing,” this virtual course on March 27-28 teaches professionals how to get started using a laser or CNC cutting machine. It focuses on the software required to turn ideas into drawings and then onto finished work, adding value to jobs and building profitability for the store. Students receive an in-home, follow-along packet prior to the course, plus trial software to use on their own computers.  Cost for the two-day course is $299.

All virtual and in-person attendees will receive special pricing on laser cutters through a partnership with Spectrum Laser, a nationwide laser-cutting machine supplier based in Las Vegas. This includes attendees of future courses including the Street Rod and Fab Design in-person course, scheduled for May 14-17. To sign up for courses or get more information in Kingpin University courses and products, please visit

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